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Network Support
Use this section for issues related to your organization's network, servers, workstations or software.

Email us: care@coinfotech.com
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After Hours Support
After hours support is available for existing customers by prior arrangement. If you have made these arrangements, you will have been given contact information already.

Security Center

Note About Email Attachments
Colorado Information Technologies, Inc. technical support will never send you an attachment unless we have previously coordinated with you to expect it. Some recent viruses or worms are masquerading as an attachment from technical support or administration. You should delete any email containing an attachment unless you are expecting it. Also we usually use better grammar than the virus/worm writers do!

Troubleshooting Resources
We have found the following sites to be very helpful, and use them daily in our own troubleshooting work.

  • Network Tools - Diagnose slow speeds, IP addressing problems, DNS problems, view HTTP headers
  • MXtoolbox - Similar tools to Network Tools, plus help if your mail server has been tagged as an "Open Relay" (Blackholed)
  • Whois - Is your domain name properly registered, and not expired?
  • Microsoft Knowledgebase - An immense storehouse of useful information

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