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Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist and Certified Microsoft Online Services Reseller

Network Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Your network is the foundation for Information Technology in your organization. For 30 years we have provided network solutions to make all the parts of your network work together for you. Colorado Information Technologies combines knowledge of file servers, work stations, routers, wifi, printers, operating systems and security to bring you the most effective solution and give you peace of mind.

Network Support Staff You Can Trust

Your network consists of cables, workstations, hubs, switches, routers, workstations and/or servers. In addition to the physical equipment, each of the above components has software and operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows server products, Linux and Certified Microsoft Online Services Support, Office365, Azure. Routers have special configuration and management software which require an understanding of basic network principles.

By contracting with Colorado Information Technologies for Network Services, you will get:
Network Administrator — Network Solutions In Colorado Springs, CO
  • Knowledgeable, trained technicians who are focused on results.
  • A planned, managed approach to ongoing support of your network resources that will keep them in top form.
  • Microsoft specific product knowledge which helps get you off to a fast, problem-free start.
  • Certified Microsoft Online Services Support, Office365 & Azure
  • Technicians with over 20 years of experience to help you maintain or upgrade your environment.
  • Internet security experts who can help keep those hackers out of your system.
  • Remote Monitoring and Remote support with state of the art cloud based software.
If you have internal Network Support staff, we can help them work "smarter" by bringing industry knowledge, standard procedures and a different viewpoint when trying to solve problems or plans. Contact us at 719-473-2800 to talk with one of our staff members to maximize your IT investment.